Friends of True Heart Path



Zelda Hotaling:

Zelda is a dear sister of mine who I have seen up close in our friendship walk her path with humility, strength of Spirit and respectfully honoring our Creator's instructions in creating each of her Sacred Dream Catchers. You have to hear her story to understand the full scope and universal significance of her work and all she can offer you on your Path of coming Home!  Check out her Sacred Dream Catcher project  she will be presenting at Omega this year!!

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Tracy Fluty:

Tracy is my friend and nationally certified intuitive who can assist you with aligning with your Path and all those loved ones who have shared your sacred journey.  I just became her office neighbor and you can visit her for a session down the hall from my office at #124.  Check out her special February 13th, 2016  "Dateless" event! I highly recommend her after just participating in her Psychic Development training in January and using her precious gift to have an amazing conversation with my dad James who died in 2005 and wanted to tell me about my purpose on this earth and my true nature.  We plan to create and share wonderful things together in the next year both locally and internationally. I will be interviewing her on March 16th on her work and posting it on the expressions part of my website. 

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Angelina Heart:

 Angelina and I became friends when I interviewed her for my book and we recognized the twin soul path we share. She has so much wisdom and love to share and many offerings to guide you to true love or as she describes, "Romancing the one!"

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Zacciach Blackburn:

I worked individually and at several workshops with Zacciach. He has studied with and worked side by side with many wonderful elders around the world specializing in sound healing and helping people to return to their Divine Self, be a blessing to all life of this planet and to know our connection with all of creation. He continues to refine his language as this simple, profound and beautiful expression of the truth of who we are and why we are here at this critical time in human history to create the New World.

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Linda Worster:

Linda is a beloved friend of mine who produced several CD's by writing her own lyrics and music, singing and playing guitar to the most heart filled melodies. We always talk of being One with each other as we are never separate from each other in this mysterious and glorious way we share a wonderful consciousness of love and unity... by simply...being! Purchase her music and go to her concerts to experience the beauty of her soul for yourself.

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Jack Treiber:

Jack is an energy medicine practitioner who I worked with for a couple years and have become friends with. Every time we get together for lunch or talk, I see him constantly adding to what he can do to help a person to heal from most any mental, physical and spiritual challenge. He is prepared to help any willing participant to achieve their optimum state of well-being on all imagined and unimaginable levels of their Being!



Phone: 518-225-4692

Ron Glasser:

Ron is a creative, multi-talented and spiritual minded Soul brother of mine who has taught me to quiet my mind and to live as a soul. He wrote a book with an accompanying  set of CD's called "The Quiet Mind" and teaches us to create as One and  provides his particular energetic approach to martial arts, along with running a sea shell/ocean life museum out of his Creation business. You can hear one of the hundreds of taped conversations we had meeting weekly over a eight year period of time sharing our own point of view on living the spiritual path of releasing from our false self to live and create from our True Identity! Listen to our conversation Recognizing the False Self in the expressions tab(audio file) and look for future expressions of our conversations in months to come.  

Business phone: 518-426-2677(call Ron to ask him about all he can offer you to live from your True Identity)



Gary Goldberg:

Gary is doing what I could easily see myself doing in another life or working at a radio station called 'In The Spirit Radio' interviewing people all over the planet awakening to their Soul Purpose and sharing and promoting glorious kirtan and musicians who play with such heart. You may hear him on ‘Gary’s Music Show’ on Tuesday’s 11am to 4pm EST and ‘In the Spirit Radio’ on Thursday’s 11am to 4pm on WRPI 91.5 FM. Troy, NY and streamed live on What wonderful interviews you will hear from people all around the world involved in helping people to raise consciousness, cultivate peaceful community and helping us all to awaken and serve the greater good!! Also, you may check him out on Facebook pages ‘Gary Goldberg’s Communal Spirit’ and ‘Kirtan Sacred Music festival’. If you happen to go to one of the kirtan events he promotes, you will probably see him as the man up dancing and... in the Spirit!

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He keeps you up to date with all the happenings in his email newsletter you can easily receive by contacting:



Bethany Gonyea:

Bethany has become a precious friend of mine who is completely committed to the Albany Peace Project she founded and who gives so much of herself to help make this a more peaceful world with use of scientific understanding and promoting the daily practice of meditation. Bethany is the Founder and Director of NUMINOUS, sponsor for the Albany Peace Project. Check out and join the Albany Peace Project! I did! Listen to our interview on Loving Well!

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Tomma von Haeften

After going through a divorce, a break-up of a second long term relationship and experiencing a wonderful and enlightening Soul Retrieval from Tomma, I chose to do counseling with her to create an opportunity to experience a higher love relationship. I could have never expected what came next and what I will be eternally grateful to her for.  As we began counseling, this inner Mentor came through her as this Angel to tell me about all of my lifetimes and my actual Soul Journey this lifetime. I had this incredible experience of communicating with this Angel weekly for over one year to help me to embrace all of the challenges I chose to experience on my path of liberation or...going home!  I recorded all of these experiences and created a special series of talks with the Angel with the intention of asking questions that I saw would be most helpful to people who wanted to develop their own Soul Connection like I was blessed to. I will be sharing some of this wisdom on my Expressions section of my website to help you with your path of liberation.  Tomma reported to me that this Angel left her soon after we completed our work and she went into other Journey Work.  Tomma von Haeften is a multi-talented, highly respectful and creative Therapist who specializes in helping you to love and heal yourself and to FREE your Soul! She has created a brand new one-to-one process called: "The Rapid Release Process". I highly recommend her to help you come HOME!!

Zayne Marston:

Zayne is continuing where his wife Mariah left off after her death offering unique workshops and making available this wise and highly transferable to your life Ascended Master teaching from the Tibetan. There is so much light, humor and insight offered in the wonderful body of work Mariah brought into our world to help us all on our individual journeys and the collective awakening of humanity.  I listen over and over again to the Tibetan's words of love and wisdom and it has helped me so many times to affirm my heart's supreme intelligence on my path.



School of the Golden Discs: Phone: 413-624-9605



Joanne is the most kind, wise and loving Chiropractor and Master Reiki Practitioner I have benefited from for the last 10 years who has helped me to maintain my alignment after major shifts in my life.  She has assisted me with anchoring myself in my truth and bringing a greater flow of energy into my body. Being in the world, but not OF it, she has repeatedly helped me in our quarterly sessions to release from what is no longer serving me and to honor what is truly Me.

Please call: 518-436-8053


Avis is an angel on this earth sharing her whimsical nature with such gentle wisdom and awareness of the oneness that surrounds us in every living creature and filling our soul. She teaches how to communicate with all dimensions within us and reflected outside us. She loves to play and invite all possibilities to come into being for the experience of love, unity and appreciation for respectful communication with all life on this planet.  She provides workshops and individual sessions to help you to embrace the Oneness YOU ARE!


Call 518-371-0579

Scott Bernard Peterson

Scott Bernard Peterson, Chief Executive Officer of Global Youth Justice is my brother who I witnessed going from creating the Colonie Youth Court to being promoted to work in Washington D.C. to be a grant manager for youth programs. He went from being employed by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention to running his own international youth justice training and consulting business. I cannot even begin to imagine how many youth lives he has helped to transform, with their families and communities all around the world. We have all seen the movie with Jimmy Stewart called, “It is a wonderful life’ and how the change of one person’s heart changed the life and destiny of all of the people and situations that ripple across. Well, my brother and no person can know exactly what the future of all these youth would have been, but we can easily imagine all the other possible pathways they could have taken without the intervention at such a critical time in their lives. Look at my brother’s website and try imagining for yourself how the world is a better place because Scott lived his heart!