True Heart Path Program

True Heart Path Program:

  •  One hour of individual instruction/mentorship at his Latham office; this is with a focus on your particular challenges and gifts, your present life circumstances and your primary relationships as opportunities for learning to align with and live your True Heart. James will guide you to find your path and to discover true love within you.

James operates from the principle of inclusion and will do his best to make his services available to all people locally, nationally and internationally.

This includes:

1) A free (30 minute initial consult) about his True Heart Path Program over the phone or at his office per request.

2) A free first time Walking Your Path Back Home group if you call and request financial assistance or state a definite desire to participate in The True Heart Path Program.

3) A( weekly) individual instruction/mentorship program of meeting at office or by phone for 30 minutes sessions for $100 a month will be created for people who are sincerely interested in living their True Heart and are unable to afford it or to make groups.  A particular weekly meeting time or call/skype time will be provided that is convenient depending on your work lifestyle and/or time zone and James’s availability.

4) James has had several requests to join various insurance panels to help people to make it easier to use counseling and is in the process of getting his membership back with companies like CDPHP, MVP and Blue Shield of NY. His standard fee for Psychotherapy is $90 with a $60 sliding scale. 

5) If you are unemployed, have a significant impairment to being able to generate an income or are seriously limited in your ability to transport yourself to group or for individual instruction, please call me and we can discuss your situation and help increase your capability of participating in some meaningful way.

6) Invite James to provide group instruction with at least 10 people granting some compensation for transportation and lodging and an agreed upon and mutually respectful fee for his services.

7)  Suggest other creative and powerful means of working together!! Simply call me with your intention on how we serve together a particular group and we can imagine the possibilities and create a plan of action!

(These are some of the ways that True Heart Path Program can be flexible to help any person who is sincerely interested in knowing and living their True Heart to walk back Home with us.  We see no person who is less worthy and less capable. 

 ALL have the opportunity no matter what your life situation, no matter where you stand on this beautiful planet and  no matter what you have done in your life… to take this NEXT STEP from your True Heart on your Path Home! NOW is all there is!!

The only REAL question is now and will always be…Are you ready to be YOU!