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January 13th, 2016:

How Do We Love…Well?????    (It may not be what you think)

Wednesday January 13 at 7:00 PM

Unity Church of Albany


Have you ever regretted how you ended a relationship wishing you had not taken certain things for granted?

Has someone who means a lot to you ever hurt you deeply by an offhanded comment?

If you were to die tomorrow, would you be remembered by your deep love for those around you?


We would be well advised to keep these questions fresh in our mind as we interact with the people we love, because how we love has a powerful impact on ourselves and those around us.    Unfortunately, these questions are often forgotten as we strive to meet the urgency of life’s daily demands.    But, in this course, James Peterson, LCSW-R, will remind us how important it is that we not only love…. but love well. 


How do we love well in this moment? How do we love ourselves? How do we love our children? How do we love all of our different friends and strangers we make acquaintances? How do we love our body? How do we love this planet and all unique and diverse life forms on it?

Even more importantly, what keeps us from loving???

We would be advised to keep these questions fresh in our mind as we interact with the people we love.  

James created the True Heart Path Program to help people to remember to come back into alignment with what he calls, their “true heart.”  The True Heart is what resides underneath so many of our actions, however its expression gets obscured through life’s demands and challenges.  James reminds people of their deepest wisdom as he adeptly guides them back to their greatest teacher, the teacher within of the True Heart.  


James guides people to see all of our circumstances as opportunities to release from what no longer serves us and discover true peace within. He provides individual and group support to people who are choosing to be the ‘One’ they are by creating highly individualized programs to walk your path back home to who you really are and the life you most want to be living.  

Come bring your heart and mind to explore these questions with us! See how you can learn to add more power and beauty into your moment to moment existence to help make your life and our world a better place for peace and love to prosper. Come learn to see how you are already perfect as you ARE!!


September 15th, 2015

The "I Am Presence" Numinous Group

Law of Attraction principles teach that we can experience in our lives that which we contemplate.  But….who is doing the contemplating?  Are we contemplating from small self that identifies with this time, space and physical body?  Or are we manifesting from our infinite eternal self…the one that remembers our “long game”?

What if we were to live while maintaining a remembrance of our eternal True Self? 

Religious traditions have referred to our true eternal self as the “I AM.” The I AM is the part of us that always remembers we are still one with God.    When we remember to anchor in our eternal I AM nature, we immediately experience a shift.  As we learn to maintain our eternal identity over time, we acquire the skills to help us co-create our own lives with more grace.

James Peterson, Community Integration Counselor and Founder of True Heart Path, has been working with the I AM presence for over a decade.   He has also studied the “I AM Discourses” in depth.  This is a body of work that the late Wayne Dyer referred to in his best selling book, Wishes Fulfilled that made a profound positive impact in Dyer’s life. 


In this talk, James will share with us how we can learn to trust this presence within, so that we can more skillfully co-create“heaven on earth”