Will from Niskayuna:

James is the real deal. If you are at a tipping point of consciousness and want to claim and enjoy the positives of life now, rather than later, he is here to promote the delightful discovery of your true heart and deeper Self. He is a wise coach and kind accountability partner. The combination of personal counseling, group sharing and Reike, (The True Heart Path program) is an effective and affordable way to in vest in your greater happiness. IF you are tired of waiting, and ready to get on with it, James will companion you on your walk home and join the celebration of your success!



Danielle of Schenectady:

I had a brain tumor about two years ago. I was in Albany Medical Center and had two strokes during the operation and developed paralysis. Then, I went into a coma after the operation.

I went through intensive rehabilitation and I finally returned to my husband and son and daughter ages three and five.

Soon after returning home, I began counseling with James Peterson. He helped me to cope with my stroke being home with my family. He talked to me and helped me to accept what happened to me. It has been so hard coping with so many changes in my life.

James has helped my husband to better understand and to bring us back together as a family. I am able to tell him my feelings and to feel better about myself.

I recommend James for counseling because he can help you to cope with whatever you are going through.


Mary of Saratoga:

Scheduled for brain surgery, I went snowmobiling with my boyfriend and I had an accident in which I hit a heave and went airborne and flew onto the ice on my head. Incredibly, I survived and I suffered a brain injury that severely limited what I could do. I had lost my memory for five months and slowly rehabilitated.

Back home, I began counseling with James. He helped me deal with my tendency to isolate, my phobias and my great difficulty with expressing and asserting myself from past trauma. I lost a lot of who I was or my personal identity. He helped me gain back my personal power and to rebuild my life.

I was very guarded and he helped me to feel comfortable expressing myself and to work through my pain and confusion. He talked me through many of the things I did not think I could do.

James is very easy to talk with. I don’t trust people at all and his personality is always the same and I feel safe with him and was able to be myself and use his help to heal.


Ellen of Delmar:

Born with a genetic condition called Ostiogenesis Imperfecta (OI), I had a brittle bone disease requiring me to have seven surgeries between April 1975 and September 1983 to assist with reducing the severity of fractures.

Due to my condition, I was never able to grow beyond 34 inches. I am unable to walk and need to use a wheelchair to get around. Furthermore, I need the assistance of personal attendants to perform most ADL’s.

In the fall of 2013, I began counseling with James as I was beginning the process of moving from my home of the last 46 years. My mother had died in August of 2012 and my family needed to prepare our home to be sold and I needed to relocate. Grieving the loss of my mother and the sudden loss of my father, many years earlier, while going through the highly emotional transition of moving, I was in a fog.

James helped me to walk through my grief and to utilize my journalistic skills to create and publish an article as a tribute to my mom and to acknowledge how my love of baseball has sustained me over the years. In addition, James was very helpful in assisting me with communicating my feelings and needs to certain members of my family.

James has strong communication skills, is nonjudgmental with an excellent ability to look at both sides of a situation and he possess a great sense of humor to help lighten your mood going through challenging situations.

John of Clifton Park:

Having a brain tumor in 2010 and needing 35 hours of surgery, during this surgery I had a stroke that resulted in me losing my ability to walk, talk, hear, see and eat. Before all this happened, I was outgoing, active and ambitious.

I began counseling with James in 2014. James helped me to better understand my choices in my life and how I am responsible for my own growth and happiness. Also, he helped me to see how I look at myself. He empowered me to develop a different and more positive self-image and outlook on my life.

James helps you to realize what you do have and to feel better about yourself!

Doug of Colonie:

While I was going through surgery for a mass in my stomach, I suffered a stroke. This caused me to have great difficulty with speaking what I was thinking because I developed speech aphasia. I have to take my time and it can be very frustrating and embarrassing.

Living in our family home all of my life, shortly after returning to my home, my mother died and I needed to relocate. As I was looking for an apartment, my dog Shelby that I was very close with, died unexpectantly. So many things hit me at one time and it was scary and I questioned, “Why me?”

At this point, I began counseling with James. I had no one to talk with. Having James to talk with made me feel more comfortable. He helped me to deal with all of the emotions that were coming up. I started waking up in the morning and smiling and feeling good about my day and life.

James is one of the easiest people to talk to. He jokes, walks with me and he is great to be able to talk about anything!

Toren of Saratoga:

One night with my fiancé camping, I mysteriously almost died. I began having repeated grandma seizures which disrupted my life and made it very difficult to make and follow through with any life plans.

After working with several years with other counselors, I was highly recommended and began working with James. He understands things or how everything works in the world. James accepts me as I am and meets me where I am at. This can change depending upon my seizures and how they affect me. He has taken the time to understand what matters to me and to support and encourage me to participate in my interests and spirituality.

I would recommend him to any family and friends because he takes the time to understand what is truly happening with you. James has been a guide on my journey and he can be the same for you!

Alex of Schenectady:

Before my brain surgeries I was a highly independent person. I worked with at-risk-youth that were going through things I went through. They were going through life and not knowing what to expect or where it would take you. I had been where they were and I could help them go through what they were.

Now, my life has totally changed as far as physically and mentally due to my brain injury. James is helping me as my counselor to talk about my problems and to deal with issues I don’t understand. It is always better to have another person or outlook to give you a better understanding on how to deal.

I would recommend James to you because he listens and understands and he talks to you to understand whatever you are dealing with. He helps you feel comfortable with whatever issue you are going through. He does not judge you. This is so important.

Paul of Lansingburgh:

I was employed as a Director of Marketing and in August of 2001, I suffered a stroke. I was told I would never walk again. I was very angry and felt my life was over.

When I started counseling with James, he taught me a lot of stuff. He counseled me to think about things before I did them. He never pushed me into anything. He always understands where I am coming from. James treats me with respect and tells me, “You life is your life!”

I recommend James for counseling because he is honest, open and treats you like a human being.


Philip of Catskill:

I had a stroke about three years and ten months ago, I met James about one year and 6 months ago.

James helped me so much. For example, helping me write letters for jobs, getting back to dating and encouraging me to create a new life for myself.

James helped raise my spirits to keep going and to remain positive. He helped our family to have a sense of direction.

I would recommend James for counseling because he is open, positive and kind.

Sue of Malta:

My daughter was seventeen years old and was involved in a potentially fatal car accident. She was in a coma for over a month. There are no words to describe how horrific this was.

What happened to her after her accident and brain injury was so traumatic and life changing to all of us. We were in shock and completely in survival mode feeling overwhelmed and helpless.

James was highly recommended by our Service Coordinator to help us to cope with the unimaginable. He helped my daughter to open up and to deal with what happened. I was her full-time caretaker having to leave my job to help her to relearn to walk, talk and function on a daily basis. James helped me to get my thoughts out because I was scattered in so many different directions. I had lost what it was to be a person helping her and with trying to survive. James helped me to understand my feelings and to value all I was going through to cope and to continue to help my daughter.

Honestly, I was scared at first with James helping my daughter with very scary and confusing emotions. I was concerned about if he could be gentle and reassuring and at the same time help her accept what happened. He listened carefully and helped her understand the results of her accident without having her think her situation is hopeless. He continues to help my daughter and myself to face ongoing challenges as they appear.


Joshua of Clifton Park:

Prior to my brain injury, I was dedicated to cooking and creativity and eventually created my own catering business. However, I remained in denial about my addiction and I was not dealing with my emotions.

In March of 2009 I had an accident that caused me to go into a coma. I woke up with a brain injury and had lost most of my abilities to function including my memory.

I had begun counseling with James in November 2009 and I don’t remember anything until summer of 2010. James helped me to reconnect and accept my emotions I had never wanted to deal with in the past. When I was in denial of my disability, James helped me to open a door to my life which began with me presenting my past accomplishments in a Grief and Loss presentation at my structured day program.

James encouraged me to know I am somebody! James made me feel like someone cared and loved me. He taught me acceptance is the answer to all my problems.