Being...with Linda Worster today!

Wow! I am feeling so blessed to be talking with Linda Worster about Living Our True Heart. She is such a wonderful friend, Soul Sister and amazing singer with the ability to help us to return to our True Heart.

I will be having a conversation about our connection to Jesus heart and how he guides both our hearts to see we are a spiritual being having a human experience.  Linda and I love to BE...with each the ONE.  

Check out Linda Worster's music on her website where you can listen to her music and experience for yourself...her angelic voice that delivers you right to the Source of Being Itself!!!

link here:

Connecting With Our Spiritual Nature and Purpose featuring: Tracy Fluty

Nationally Certified Psychic Medium Tracy Fluty joins True Heart Path Founder James Peterson to have his deceased father talk about his spiritual nature and purpose. Tracy Fluty will be appearing on Living Your True Heart Radio this Thursday, July 21st at 6PM ET

To call in to listen live or to talk to James and Tracy, Please Dial: (347) 884-8245
To Listen online go to:

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To contact James Peterson for heart centered intuitive counseling please call: (518)344-6273. As always, visit the True Heart Path Facebook page along with our website:

James in Utah

Last week James Peterson flew out west to Utah to visit the great Angelina Heart.  James and Angelina became friends when he interviewed  her and they recognized the twin soul path that they shared. James quotes "She has so much wisdom and love to share and many offerings to guide  you to true love or as she describes 'Romancing the one!'"