James Peterson, LCSW-R

"My counseling is to help free you from what is limiting you from knowing and seeing the Real You! All of what makes up you is invited to come together to bring into focus this truth of you.  Yes, the One True Heart is what you perfectly represent when you are being completely you with your outlook on life, your sense of humor, feeling peaceful and embodying all you value most in life. My constant reminder to you will be…”Know only you can be the you… that is perfectly you.” There is no greater success. This is the journey I offer to help guide you back to YOU!!!"

-James Peterson, Founder, True Heart Path

James has been providing counseling and psychotherapy since 1989.  He began studying expressive arts therapy at 18 years old learning about the balance of east and west systems of thought and healing.  This led to his great desire to understand human potential and to help people to achieve their greatest state of freedom and peace within themselves.

James completed his Bachelors of Arts in Counseling and Psychology at SUNY at Albany's Empire State College and earned his Masters in Social Work at SUNY at Albany's Rockefeller College of Social Welfare in 1996.  He has worked as Licensed Clinical Social Worker proving individual, family and groups counseling ever since in the fields of Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention, Inpatient and Outpatient hospitalization to people with mental illnesses and chemical addictions(MICA), outpatient clinics for people with a wide variety of genetic and developmental disabilities and has extensive experience counseling people with all forms of traumatic brain injuries with profound grief issues.  In addition, he worked in private practice with Saratoga Psychological Associates and Chrysalis Healing and Training Center providing all forms of counseling.

His approach to counseling is nonjudgmental, compassionate and creative.James looks at each individual as a unique Soul with their own life experiences, values and challenges on their path in life. He meets each person where they are at and goes at the pace of learning and healing they express and demonstrate they are ready for.  He simply sees each person as having their own particular challenges and does his best to help them to face them and learn from them.  He recognizes he has his own challenges and sees them as great opportunities to expand his potential for experiencing more freedom, peace and joy.

James is dedicated to living his truth moment to moment and expanding his ability to love and embrace all with compassion. He is a father of two beautiful daughters, friend to many and child of God.  He is here to live his Soul's purpose to know and own his heart and to help others see the peace and serenity of doing the same.


Who am I? I am a work in progress like ALL of us!



Walking MY path back home!